Welcome to Consumer 5 Online.  We report and review business’s which you the consumer may find useful to use.  These days it may be hard to find a good business to get good service from.  This is where we come it.  Reporting to you what we find useful and good products and services.

TMT Digital

Carolina Bully Farms

Bully Max

There are many factors which may make a business good and or bad.  Some of these things can be is the business part of the BBB or any other organization which helps report if a business is good or bad.

We use a set of factors to be able to tell if a business is good for consumers.  It can be something simple which make a business good such as good customer service or the fact that they stand behind their product or service.

Below are some of this months featured business’s:

iPhone Mend

Dog Tag


If a business shows good things such as offering free shipping or standing behind their product or service, we want you to know about it.

So, what make a business outstanding for a consumer?  You need to ask the business before you use them, some questions.  Ask them if they stand behind their product or service if something goes wrong.  Or, will they honor a request if you have one?  Also, try and get some terms before you use them.

Cleveland computer repair

It’s your money you are spending and you have every right to find out if the business you want to use is good and will be good for you to use.



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